AutoMerge 4.0

Generate/print documents and send emails automatically triggered from workflows
4.0 (See all)

Generate or print documents and send emails automatically triggered from a workflow.
This documents can be filled with static data and/or dynamic data from the based workflow entity and additionally you can also use related data.

All features regarding template generation available in Documents Core Pack, are available in the AutoMerge Add-On as well.


- Generation of documents with the template specified in the Workflow
- Generate documents and create activities(letter,email,fax)
- Send emails with dynamic data automatically when you generate/modify a contact,lead,.. custom entity
- Send doucments, like quotes or invoices as PDF-file by using the "Send as PDF"-functionality
- It's possible to run VB-code(macros) which e.g allows to print or protect the generated document

AutoMerge can be easily configured and started via the MS CRM Workflows. Therefore it's possible to automate DocumentsCorePack-functionalities, whenever a new contact/account or lead has been created/deleted.

Activity-Parameters, like activity type(email,letter,fax),direction can be configured in the Document-Properties of each template.

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